Air-Con Servicing & Repair Questions
1. Why is inverter air conditioning unit better than the normal air conditioning unit ?
The inverter air conditioner uses an inverter circuit to regulate the rotational speed of the compressor to match the output of the compressor to the cooling pump load. This reduces the number of times the compressor stops and starts as the load varies, so saving on electricity bills compared to non-inverter models.
2. Why is my air conditioning unit operating but the air still not cold ?
There are a number of causes to having a room that is not cold. We have listed some of the common causes:
1. Air filter dirty
2. Object blocking the air inlet/outlet of the indoor/outdoor units.
3. Aircon temperature is set too high.
4. Windows and doors are opened.
5. Airflow direction is not appropriately set.
6. Remote control is not in the cooling mode.
7. Parts may be faulty.
8. Fan motor is clod with dust. Thus, cool air is being blocked, therefore cannot be blown out.
9. The air conditioner installed is undersized.
3. Why is my air-con noisy & smelly ?
The blower evaporating coil of the air conditioner may be dirty or there may be a faulty part in the air conditioning system & the smell may be cause by the smell of the room, furniture, or cigarettes being absorbed into the unit and is discharged together with the airflow or comes from bacteria formed by microbes in the warm dark humid environment in the indoor fancoil unit.
4. Why is the aircon switches OFF by itself and the aircon indicator light flashing ?
5. What is pressure testing of air conditioning system and why it is needed?
6. What is the advantage of regular air-con service?
7. Why does the air-con needs chemical clean  / chemical wash?
Chemical overhaul/cleaning is a very thorough way of cleaning the air conditioner. When an air conditioner is badly clogged/ choked and a general service can't improve the condition, an overhaul is necessary. In an overhaul, the air conditioner is dismantle part by part and chemically wash.
8. What should be done if there is a refrigerant leakage problem?
9. Why does ice-forms on the copper pipes of the condenser (outdoor)?
10. What is the advantage of regular air con service?